About Choroideremia

Choroideremia (CHM) is a rare inherited disorder that causes progressive vision loss, ultimately leading to complete blindness. The first symptom is generally night-blindness, followed by vision loss in the mid-periphery. These “blind spots” appear in an irregular ring, only leaving patches of peripheral vision, while central vision is still maintained.
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Living With Choroideremia

This picture series shows the difference between a full visual field and the severely diminished field of a person in the advanced stages of Choroideremia Use the slider bar below to see the progression of the disease as a person ages.


The Choroideremia Research Foundation had currated a list of retinal specialists, support groups, clinics, and other resources. These are all great resources for you to get information and reach out for help.


Inspiring Stories

Sight is a sense that most people heavily rely on. But for people with CHM, vision is something that slowly taken away. Check out these inspiring stories of individuals living with CHM who will never let the disease slow them down.

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The Choroideremia Research Foundation Inc. is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to find a treatment or cure for Choroideremia, a rare inherited retinal degenerative disease that causes blindness.

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