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Choroideremia (CHM) is a rare inherited disorder whose symptoms mirror a more commonly diagnosed condition called retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

Symptoms include:


Peripheral vision loss

Sensitivity to glare

Loss of depth and color perception

Consider This

Up to 70% of individuals with choroideremia are initially diagnosed with RP. Although the symptoms are similar, the root cause for vision loss is different.


The only way to know with 100% certainty which condition you have is through free genetic testing.

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Although there are currently no cures for either RP or CHM, once the cause of vision loss is known, promising clinical trial options may be available for patients with either condition which could potentially slow progression or preserve remaining eyesight.

For patients and families we provide:

Online networking groups

Web-based live support groups for choroideremia patients, partners and spouses, and parents as well as holiday socials, book club, sports chat and more.
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Virtual education programs

Webinars including topics on assistive technology, supportive services for the blind and visually impaired, CHM clinical trials and cutting-edge research.
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One-on-one support

Talk live with a patient or family member on the phone, via Zoom or chat via email.
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In-person meetings and conferences

Patient conferences, town hall meetings, and scientific symposia.
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Updates on clinical trials and research

Information on clinical trials currently open for enrollment including eligibility requirements, geographic locations and how to participate.
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Research grants for scientists

CRF has provided over $4 million in research grants to scientists to study the root causes and discover potential treatments and a cure for choroideremia.
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Patient advocacy

CRF presents at rare disease, retinal, and legislative events which helps ensure continuing focus on our rare disease and encourages insurance coverage for new treatments.
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Additional vision loss resources

Information on supplements, diet, lifestyle, technology, home adaptation, orientation and mobility, employment, disability and more.
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Free genetic testing

The only way to confirm a choroideremia diagnosis is via genetic testing, CRF can provide information on how to access free genetic testing for patients and, as this is an inherited disease, their entire family.
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