Meet Dr. David Gamm Webinar

The Gamm lab at UW-Madison is involved in a wide range of studies on CHM, with goals ranging from building a better understanding of what goes wrong in the retinal cells of individuals with early-stage CHM to replacing those cells once they have degenerated in later stages of the disease. The Gamm lab has been instrumental in helping create CHM human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) for the CRF biobank from CHM patients.

Dr. Gamm and his lab use various cutting edge technologies to manipulate iPSC – including many that they invented – which generates unlimited supplies of photoreceptors, RPE cells, and retinal tissues for laboratory testing or for future transplantation into patients. His work primarily focuses on CHM patients in the mid-end stages of the disease with the hope of returning lost vision with sight replacement therapy.

Please join us on Friday, August 21 at 2:00 pm EST to learn more about Dr. Gamm’s work, his role on our Science Advisory Board, and how much snow Madison, Wisconsin accrues in an average winter! The webinar is free but registration is required.

The event is finished.

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