ICRN Members - 2023

The ICRN is a global collaboration of multidisciplinary researchers who are accelerating knowledge about CHM pathophysiology, developing therapeutic options, and striving to improve patient outcomes.

Established in Summer 2021, the ICRN currently has nearly 140 members from 25 countries. The ICRN meets as a whole  in person annually at ARVO and at CRF Scientific Symposia and Conferences. There are also virtual opportunities for participation throughout the year. Areas of member interest include female carriers, international data collection, pathophysiology, therapeutics, collaboration with industry, patient outcomes and clinical trial endpoints.

ICRN Membership

Individual/Institution ICRN membership is free and open to properly credentialed scientists and researchers whose interests include choroideremia.

Membership Benefits:

  • Convene regularly with a global network of renowned choroideremia clinicians and researchers and join relevant Interest Groups
  • Collaborate with other members from worldwide institutions on multi-center clinical trials, research papers, data collection and other projects
  • Opportunities for professional leadership roles
  • Access to funding streams facilitated by CRF
  • Invitation to join the ICRN Linkedin and WhatsApp networking groups and access to view all past and future meeting video recordings

Membership Requirements:

To join the ICRN, please submit the online membership application.

For more information, please contact kathiwagner@curechm.org.

View ICRN Membership Roster as of April 2023